European Grant Funding – The Loan for Me

European Grant Funding – The Loan for Me



European non-repayable loans are a particular type of financing that is generally aimed at specific subjects for economic purposes. In a nutshell, non-repayable loans consist of capital grants without the obligation to return them to the subject that supplies them.


They are generally provided by the European Union, or by the State, or by the various Regions to certain categories of people (eg young people, women entrepreneurs …) or in economically depressed areas, in order to encourage entrepreneurial initiatives.

They are generally dedicated to the entrepreneurship of young people who do not study and do not work, the so-called Neet, or women, or new start-ups.

How to access the financing in question? First you need to understand who delivers them. Secondly, access to non-repayable European funding is generally regulated by calls for tenders that are issued for a certain period of time, in the case of limited calls for tenders, or which are always open. The calls explain in detail to whom they are addressed, from time to time, the European Funds without a grant and how to request them, what are the requirements to be met, etc.


Types of non-repayable loans


Types of non-repayable loans

European non-repayable financing is generally aimed at:


  • Young entrepreneurs . In this case it is often a matter of funds that are aimed at young people who do not study and do not work and who are between the ages of 18 and 29, the so-called Neet. They are given a contribution to start a business, as long as they follow a special course that teaches them how to run the company and how to create a business plan. Often there is also the intervention of a tutor who follows young entrepreneurs once they have access to credit, to manage their startup from a financial and legal point of view.
    To learn more about which European Funds are lost for young entrepreneurs, check the INVITALIA incentive site.
  • There are also European Funds for non-repayable funds dedicated to female entrepreneurship , that is to women who want to create a new business. In this case, funding is granted to women who establish small and medium-sized enterprises.

From year to year there may be new European Union grants that look to the various needs of member states.

Furthermore, when we talk about the European Funding with a lost fund, we can distinguish between:

  • Direct European funds , which are paid directly by European bodies;
  • Indirect European funds , which are paid by member states even if they come from the European Union.

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